Patricia is a serial entrepreneur and social advocate:

  • Business Success Coach
  • Author & Publisher
  • Founder of Destiny International
  • Direct Sales Leader over 15 years
  • Board of Directors for Angel Network of Bluegrass, a 501c3

Although she has an extensive sales and marketing background in the corporate arena, it’s in her over 15 years of direct selling experience that her passion for emerging entrepreneurs was founded. This is evident when you learn of her many accolades and achievements as a direct sales leader. The more she embraced her love of direct selling, she not only grew in her own success but is now inspired to teach others globally outside of the industry how to achieve theirs.


I Would Love to Be Your Coach

Living in the land of milk and honey is often a phrase I use to refer to living a life of abundance, peace, joy, and plenty. As a business owner, you get to decide on your own terms what success looks like for you. You have the power to create your own work schedule, lifestyle, and future. It's like you are creating your own little world that you can fill with whatever you wish to make it truly feel like a land of milk and honey. So empowering!
I’m truly known for bringing the fun and laughter along this journey. Being sure you are pleased with the end result and also enjoy the process! You set the pace and expectations of your growth. We can choose to take small calculated risks with your ideas or we can choose to go big and aim for the stars! 
And just like living in the land of milk and honey, you get to experience the sweet fruits of your labor as you watch your hard work blossom into something greater than you could have ever imagined. I’m here for it all!  Let’s go!
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