Prosperity comes from God.

For me to be prosperous is to have more than enough to share with others where there is a need!
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Getting to the land of milk and honey is a journey.
A journey that includes self development and understanding of your clients.

Patricia is a serial entrepreneur and social advocate:

•Business Success Coach
•Author & Publisher
• Founder of Destiny International
• Direct Sales Leader over 15 years
• Board of Directors for Angel Network of Bluegrass, a

Although she has an extensive sales and marketing background in the corporate arena, it’s in her over 15 years of direct selling experience that her passion for emerging entrepreneurs was founded. This is evident when you learn of her many accolades and achievements as a direct sales leader. The more she embraced her love of direct selling, she not only grew in her own success but is now inspired to teach others globally outside of the industry how to achieve theirs.

In her words…

Are you ready to take flight on a course to success?

I was born in Virginia but raised in New Jersey and at an early age, I learned the meaning of leadership and hard work. I mean there was no way around it, given I was the eldest of 7 children in a single parent home. At first, my role was more of caretaker while my mother worked, but soon enough I found myself taking on a breadwinner role too. It was almost instinctual. I did what I had to do for my family and later, for myself.

To say I became a “busy bee” is an understatement! I was busy at home and at work, but it had to produce results we could live with and on. It wasn’t enough to be busy, I had to be productive. The more and more I recognized my strong work ethic, I began to excel naturally. It wasn’t long before others took notice.

In fact, I recall a high school teacher, who recognized my potential too and put me to the test. I was called to fill in an open spot at a pitch competition that required me to SELL…something I had yet to experience. My teacher coached me for 3 hours leading up to that competition. And you know what? I placed 3rd out of 100 competing students! I guess you can say that was the beginning of my path to a successful sales career.

Today, I rest comfortably in a successful marriage with the love of my life who is also my business partner in several other business endeavors. I am grateful to be enjoying the fruit of my labor which includes 10 amazing grandchildren who call me “Mimi” because I am just too cool to be called ‘grandmother’, honey!

My flight as a busy bee has produced professional and personal success. With every experience in life, I learn the role and function and master it. I remain unassuming, but no longer as that busy worker bee. Instead, I decided it was time to take flight as the Queen Bee (or “Queen P”), teaching others that the land of milk and honey rests in the bright attitude and work ethic.

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