“Gracious words are like a honeycomb,
sweetness to the soul, health to the body.” – Proverbs 16:2-4

Do you feel overwhelmed by juggling both entrepreneurship and a demanding corporate career?

Are you looking to turn your side hustle into a profitable business?

Oh honey…

If you said yes to either or both of these questions, we need to talk!

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be basking in the land of milk and honey with me. That is, if you are approaching ‘Enterprising Entrepreneurship’ the way it is intended – by focusing on trust based sales.

Call me old school if you want, but sales is sales is sales.
People buy from those they like and trust.

Even in today’s high tech world, ‘high touch’ is still the key to business success. Some of the most successful brands will tell you that their biggest advantage is learning to treat each customer as an individual and meeting them where they are – whether online or in person.

So where does this leave you?

Are you people challenged? Are you tech challenged? Or perhaps you are juggling more than one idea that seems profitable and you have no clue which one to focus on?

You need to have a structure plan designed to help you navigate both corporate responsibilities and leverage this knowledge for your business. This takes creative focus. I mean there’s a reason why you are adamant about entrepreneurship. You know, like I know, that nothing beats someone with a strong work ethic, amazing relationship skills and faith in themselves.

Ok, take a deep breath sweetie because I know it can seem a bit overwhelming but the good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel! You need only let “Queen P” help sort things out and be your guide to the land of prosperity!

So…are you ready to get busy with me?

Coach Pat

Humble Beginnings

but with a strong work ethic she went from a busy bee to Queen Bee, leading a hive in producing sweet honey.